Say No To Big Banks

After taking billions in taxpayer-funded bailouts, cutting small business lending and raising rates and fees on consumers, big Wall Street banks are now working behind the scenes to eliminate Oregon's credit unions and take away consumers' only not-for-profit choice for financial services.

It's outrageous.

The big banks want our representatives in Salem to pass a law that would force members away from thriving local credit unions and back to the big profit-driven banks.

Don't be fooled. Let your voice be heard.

Sign the petition today and tell Oregon lawmakers to oppose Wall Street's efforts to eliminate Oregon's credit unions.

1.4 million Oregonians choose locally-owned, not-for-profit credit unions over banks for good reason. Credit unions increased lending to small businesses, pay higher dividends on savings and IRA's and offer lower fees and loan rates for things we need, like cars and college. Last year, Oregon credit unions saved their members $121 million in fees and interest alone.

Put simply, credit unions are good for consumers and good for the economy - that's why more people are leaving banks and joining credit unions. So Wall Street wants to force credit unions to be big, for-profit companies just like them.

You can help protect credit unions by signing our petition TODAY.

Thank you.

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